23rd Annual Primary Care Conference


Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners



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Event Program
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Good Memories in Louisiana

For 23 years, the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners has held an annual conference catered to nurse practitioners. The conference features industry-leading and academic speakers, presentations, workshops, and more with the purpose of providing visitors with a multitude of educational and networking opportunities. One of the main and unique draws of the conference is the chance for studying nurse practitioners to receive evaluation credits necessary to complete their education. This has helped lead the three day event to becoming one of the largest of its kind in the nation.

The conference organizers decide on a theme for the year’s conference ahead of time and centralize that theme around a single phrase. The new executive director of the organization met with us with the goal of developing the look of the 2017 conference. The theme was simple enough. “Nurse Practitioners… Your Health… One Destiny”, focused around a general idea of New Orleans, Louisiana, the past and the present. The goal was larger. Elevate awareness in the conference further and create a compelling look and feel that would excite visitors and increase registrants.

The Work

When we asked if they could elaborate a little more on the theme, the notion of travel and a “somewhat vintage feel” was brought up. It felt like we could nearly write an encyclopedia on Louisiana by this point given the amount of Louisiana-tinged projects we’d worked on before. But, when we were asked to create an easy-to-carry conference program and agenda, a light bulb lit up in our minds. Let’s make it someone’s Louisiana/conference themed travel diary!

We settled on a size for the program that would be comfortable to carry around as well as have the space needed to fit content and imagery after some testing. During that time, we also began experimenting with page layouts and spreads, determining how imagery would layer with graphics and text as well as the different typefaces we’d need to pull it all off. We sourced and altered a vast amount of images—many went unused—and created a multitude of graphics ranging from small stamps to entire floor plans. Once the content had been organized, we started putting everything together.

The Work

One challenge that became apparent as the program was coming together was in finding the balance between immersing a reader into the journey and placing necessary ads. We found unity between the two ideas by establishing a rule that each spread containing layered imagery would be given a theme. This helped to create a unified “story” for each spread and aided the believability in a documented moment-to-moment travel diary.

The Work

The event signage was created as the program was being finalized and prepared for printing. To save on costs, we created a system of three set sizes that depended on the signs’ purposes. These sizes would allow us to fit all content for each sign onto a single sign that could be read at a distance. In total, thirty-eight signs were created including a series of signs solely for the registration booths.