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Live Real. Live Royal.

Royalty Candles started out as a candle company with a vision of making high quality, hand-poured scented candles. However, growing ambitions would see the company shift towards including other scented products to compliment its candle lineup. We spotted early on that brand confusion could pose a problem if the product lineup expanded, but the company name still implied a sole focus on candles. Another discussion later, and we’d successfully shifted Royalty Candles to a new name – Royalty Aromas.

The new product lineup and brand name would not be the only changes to the burgeoning company we’d see. The vision would change as well; “Luxury Home Aromas” would become the new mantra. With that would come an intense focus on developing the company’s unique aroma profiles and the brand that would come to embody it.

The Work

“Home aromas” by nature are products that are as much about representing the aesthetic taste of an individual consumer as it is about a producer. It’s ultimately a genuine personal choice that can only be influenced so much. If the aroma “isn’t me”, then it’s “not for me”.

Research had shown that the home aroma industry was comprised of an incredible amount of competitor brands already, many of which were unassuming while still commanding a substantial following. For Royalty Aromas to do well as a brand, it would need to navigate this landscape and establish a unique method to its approach. The question that came to mind was, “Can a brand be confident enough in itself as to not always need to be in front of the consumer, but instead proudly project its confidence from behind and act as a supporting fan of an individual?”

One key aspect we noted early was with the word “Royalty” and the connotations that it could harness. Royalty didn’t have to mean an exclusive society anymore, like a king or a royal court, it could just as easily come to mean how a person felt in their own home. By that sense too, “Luxury” didn’t have to mean expensive. It could just as well be something that could afford a sense of comfort. These would be the foundational ideas that would come to steer the Royalty Aromas brand.

The Work

We began by creating a simplistically bold and elegant logo, tracked wide and built upon sharp letterforms. A complimentary “RA” monogram was also created to be used in rare occasions where the full logo wasn’t needed. The color scheme was also kept simple and concise utilizing a continual repetition of black and white accented by a single copper hue. The boldness of these colors, however, was brought to life through heavy, deliberate brush strokes and textures.

With the visual ideas in place, the brand could then be fully realized. We developed two important systems to address the product lineups – one for the Classic aromas line and another for the Signature line. The Classic line would serve as the primary brand communicator and as such would most literally embody the brand’s visual system. The Signature line, whose aroma was chosen specifically by the company’s owner, however, would embody the most elegant features of the brand and be exemplified through a marble texture.

Afterwards, we took a look at the brand’s language and the retail experience. The language used for the aroma descriptions was carefully considered in order to express the brand’s fundamental ideas. It needed to be honest and straightforward, but at the same time enticing. Within each description there had to be an absolute sense of the aroma’s fragrance and a feeling of what that aroma could mean. Again, the consumer had the choice in the end. The retail experience would be a collaborative effort between the Royalty Aromas marketing team and ourselves.

The Work

When it came time to create packaging for the holiday line of aromas, we kept the foundational ideas of the branding in mind, but allowed the uniqueness of the holiday to come through in the design.