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Games, Ice Cream, & Fun!

When Peppers Pizzeria opened its second restaurant in Houma, LA, back in 2008, it brought a new member of the family with it – The Party Place. Equal parts pizza party, ice cream parlor, and arcade, The Party Place combines all the entertainment a kid could want under one roof.

In 2016, it was decided that it was time for a refreshing of the eight year-old Party Place. A full remodeling of the space would coincide with traditional and modern, digital arcade games and a new card-based token system. And with that, a new brand system.

The Work

What did “fun and exciting” mean to children today? This question drove our exploration process as we sought to refresh the first brand iteration conveying an inviting, vivid space.

We first started the branding process by identifying key ideas we wanted to convey throughout the brand visuals: fun, excitement, movement, vivid color, unique shapes and patterns, playful typography. From there, we began developing the logo system and determining stylistic choices for brand components like photography and imagery, font selections, layouts, and so on.

The logo needed to capture the wonder of a child while demonstrating its standing as an arcade venue. A logo font characterized by a childlike, free-spirited attitude was created and encapsulated within a single ticket shape. This shape could then be used to create longer rolls of tickets for a variety of interesting graphical and patterning purposes.

The Work

For pure visual excitement, we decided that a simple, bright primary color palette could be unique to The Party Place while at the same time providing a unifying reference to the Peppers Pizzeria brand. Imagery could often be saturated with a single color, and zig-zagging frames, varying linework, and typography would move the eyes through the visuals. Two font families would make up the main typesetting styles, but an accompanying collection of fonts could also be utilized to give a greater sense of liveliness and eccentricity to the messaging. When all brought together, The Party Place bursts into life with all of the fun a child could ask for.